Sec 522- Council of Administration- Composition, Powers and Duties

(b)  Administration of Affairs Between Conventions. The Department Council of Administration shall be responsible for administering the affairs and transacting the business of the Department between Department Conventions.   The Council shall be governed in its duties by the mandates of the National Convention, the Congressional Charter, By-Laws, Manual of Procedure, Ritual and laws and usages of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States as well as by the mandates of the Department Convention, Charter and By-Laws.

Council of Administration 2016-2017

State Commander: James Dockemeyer
Senior Vice Commander: Robert Mason
Junior Vice Commander: Coral Porch
Adjutant/Quartermaster: Ron Gimondo
Judge Advocate: Bob McGill
State Surgeon: Matthew Ward
State Chaplain: Richard Willey
State Inspector: John Hartman
Chief of Staff: Curt Watts
District 1: Michael Merit
District 3: Bud Milner
District 4: James Patterson
District 5: Mike Callahan
District 7: Bill Engelson
District 8: Richard Cook
District 9: Dave Lawrence
District 10: Charles Foster
District 13: Mike Castillo
District 14: Troy Hensch
District 15: Ken Pike