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Quartermaster Bonds — 9 Comments

    • Curt, Persons other than the QM can be bonded through the VFW. However, the form and the costs vary so it is best to contact us at 405-525-2680 and obtain detailed information and the proper form. RG

  1. Calling the 405-525-2680 number and get a response that the voice mailbox has not been set up yet. What other number can we used? Need to get bonding information for our Canteen Manager and the Commander.

  2. Trying to get ahold of Ron Gimondo, spouse of Dorilyn
    Confirm that Ron Gimondo VFW OK State
    Adjutant/Quartermaster is Ronald Gimondo, previously
    Of San Antonio Texas.

  3. Is Ron Gimondo for real? My Veteran Uncle may have been scammed by a VFW solicitor to get his photo & stories in a Book for $165.00. Anybody know bout this??

    • Ron has asked if anyone has problems with the company for them to contact him and he will take care of it. Best advice that I can give you right now.

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