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Post Website, On-Line Reporting, & VFW E-Mail Training Presentations and Student Handouts
MyVFW Online Prog Rprting (425 downloads) MyVFWOK Online Prog Rprting (Handout) (362 downloads)
VFW WebSite Fundamentals (357 downloads) VFW Website Fundamentals (Handout) (399 downloads)
Web Page & Post (326 downloads) Web Page & Post (Handout) (348 downloads)
Quick Start Guide to Online Services (497 downloads) Expanded Wordpress Website Guide (431 downloads)
MyVFWOK Quick Start Guide (418 downloads)  
Post Election Report & Convention Mailing (188 downloads) District Election-Report (178 downloads)
Buddy Poppy Order Form (405 downloads) 2015-2016 Comm Serv Prog Report Form (517 downloads)
Military Equip Inventory Form (439 downloads) Club Persn Bonding Form (0 downloads)
Ceremonial Rifle Inventory Form (418 downloads)  
VFW Program Forms
VOD Application (209 downloads) Patriot Pen Application (166 downloads)
VOD Rules and Eligibility (175 downloads) Patriot Pen Rules and Eligibility (204 downloads)
Scout of the Year Application (177 downloads) Teacher of the Year Rules (190 downloads)
Scout of the Year Rules and Eligibility (172 downloads) Teacher of the Year Brochure (187 downloads)
Adopt A Unit Application (177 downloads) Adopt A Unit Report (176 downloads)
Deadlines for VFW Programs  


















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